Appendix B.The GRU High Command and Leading GRU Officers

The following list gives names of the most prominent senior GRU officers with their official titles where possible. This is followed by an alphabetical list of some of the known operational officers working under cover around the world.

Army General IVASHUTIN, Petr Ivanovich: deputy chief of the General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces. Head of GRU. Official pseudonyms 'Tovarishch Mikhailov', 'Dyadya Petya'. The first pseudonym is also used in connection with all military intelligence.

Col-General LEMZENKO, Kir Gavirlovich: GRU representative in the Party Central Committee; 'Papa Rimski'.

Col-General PAVLOV, Aleksandr Grigorevich: first deputy chief of GRU.

Admiral BEKRENEV: deputy chief of GRU.

Col-General ZOTOV, Arkady Vasilievich: deputy chief of GRU, head of Information.

Col-General MESHCHERYAKOV, V.V.: deputy chief of GRU, head of the Military Diplomatic Academy.

Col-General IZOTOV, S.I.: head of GRU Personnel Directorate.

Col-General SIDOROV, Y.I.

Lieutenant-Generals and Vice Admirals (approximately 20)

Lt-General DOLIN, G.I.: head of GRU Political Department.

Lt-General GURENKO, Vyacheslav Tikhonovich: head of the Illegals Training Centre.

Lt-General Aviation SHATALOV, Vladimir Aleksandrovich: GRU representative at the Cosmonaut Training Centre.

Lt-General KOLODYAZHNY, Boris Gavrilovich: GRU deputy chief for Internal Security.

Lt-General MILSTEIN, Moshe: GRU deputy chief for Disinformation. A former illegal and author of top secret manual Honourable Service. Codename 'Tovarishch M', 'Mikhail M.'.

Lt-General KOSTIN P.T.: chief of GRU 3rd (?) Directorate.

Lt-General Engineer PALIY A.: chief of GRU 6th Directorate.

Lt-General GONTAR: chief of GRU 7th Directorate.

Lt-General DRACHEV I.M.

Lt-General KOZLOV M.: Chief of GRU llth (?) Directorate.

Lt-General BERKUTOV, S.: Information Service.

Vice Admiral ROZHKO, Gennadi Aleksandrovich.

Major-Generals and Rear Admirals (approximately 125)

Maj-General Aviation CHIZHOV, Mikhail Terentyevich.

Rear Admiral KALININ, Valeri Petrovich.

Maj-General Aviation KUCHUMOV, Aleksandr Mikhailovich.

Maj-General SHITOV.

Rear Admiral KLYUZOV, Serafim Timofeevich.

Maj-General BARANOV, Aleksandr Vasilievich.

Maj-General LYALIN, Mikhail Ammosovich.

Maj-General BEPPAEV S.U.: Chief of Intelligence of Group Soviet Forces in Germany.

Maj-General Artillery LYUBIMOV, Viktor Andreevich.

Maj-General GONCHAROV, Gennadi Grigorevich.

Maj-General KHOMYAKOV, Aleksandr Sergeevich.

Rear Admiral KOZLOV, Andrei Nikolaevich.

Maj-General MIKHAILOV, Boris Nikolaevich.

Maj-General ZIMIN, Valentin Yakovlevich.

Maj-General ANDRYANOV, V.: Spetsnaz.

Maj-General Aviation MIKRYUKOV, L.

Maj-General GLAZUNOV, N.

Rear Admiral SMIRNOV, M.

Leading GRU Officers

ABRAMOV, Vladimir Mikhailovich

BAYLIN, Vladimir Ivanovich

BELOUSOV, Mikolai Mikhailovich

BELOUSOV, Konstantin Nikolaevich

BLINOV, Boris Afanasyevich BARCHUGOV

BORISOV, Gennadi Alekseevich

BORODIN, Viktor Mikhailovich BUDENNY

BOROVINSKI, Petr Fedorovich

BUBNOV, Nikolai Ivanovich

BUTAKOV, Ilya Petrovich

DEMIN, Mikhail Alekseevich DENISOV

DORONKIN, Kirill Sergeevich

EGOROV, Anatoli Egorovich

ERMAKOV, Aleksandr Ivanovich

ERSHOV, Yuri Alekseevich

EVDOKIMOV, Sergei Vasilevich

FEKLENKO, Vladimir Nikolaevich

FILATOV, Anatoli

FILIPPOV, Anatoli Vasilevich

GENERALOV, Vsevolod Nikolaevich GERASIMOV

KAPALKIN, Sergei Vasilevich

KASHEVAROV, Evgeni Mikhailovich

KOZYPITSKI, Gleb Sergeevich

LOVCHIKOV, Vasili Dmitrievich

LAVROV, Valeri Alecseevich

LEMEKHOV, Dmitri Aleksandrovich

LOBANOV, Vitali Ilich

LOGINOV, Igor Konstantinovich

MOROZOV, Ivan Yakovlevich

MYAKISHEV, Aleksei Nikolaevich

NEDOZOROV, Valentin Viktorovich

NOSKOV, Nikolai Stepanovich

OSIPOV, Oleg Aleksandrovich

PAVLENKO, Yuri Kuzmich

PETROV, Nikolai Kirillovich

PIVOBAROV, Oleg Ivanovich

POLYAKOV, Boris Alekseevich

POPOV, Gennadi Fedorovich

POTAPENKO, Leonid Terentyevich

POTSELUEV, Evgeni Aleksandrovich

PUTILIN, Mikhail Semenovich

RATNIKOV, Valentin Mikhailovich

RADIONOV, Aleksandr Sergeevich

ROMANOV, Anatoli Aleksandrovich

RUBANOV, Aleksandr Nikolaevich

SALEKHOV, Yuri Nikolaevich

SAVIN, Viktor Grigorevich

SELUNSKI, Valentin Ivanovich

SEMENOV, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

SERGEEV, Yuri Pavlovich

SHEPELEV, Viktor Petrovich

SHIPOV, Vladilen Nikolaevich

SOKOLOV, Viktor Aleksandrovich

STRELBITSKI, Vladimir Vasilevich

STUDENIKIN, Ivan Yakovlevich

SUKHAREV, Georgi Nikolaevich

SUVOROV, Georgi Borisovich

UMNOV, Valentin Aleksandrovich

VETROV, Yuri Pavlovich

VILKOV, Boris Nikolaevich

VINOGRADOV, Feliks Vasilevich

VOLNOV, Vladimir Grigorevich

VOLOKITIN, Vladimir Ivanovich

VOTRIN, Sergei Ivanovich

VYBORNOV, Ivan Yakovlevich

YAKUSHEV, Ivan Ivanovich

YURASOV, Viktor Vladimirovich

ZHELANNOV, Vladimir Mikhailovich

ZHEREBTSON, Aleksandr Vasilevich

ZHERNOV, Leonid Andreevich

ZHURAVLEV, Ivan Mikhailovich

ZOTOV, Viktor Nikolaevich