Издание:Suvorov V. Inside Soviet Military Intelligence. — London: MacMillan Publishing Company, 1984.

Суворов Виктор. Советская военная разведка: взгляд изнутри. Introduction


Chapter 1. The Triumvirate Chapter 2. History Chapter 3. The Pyramid Chapter 4. The GRU and the Military Industrial Commission (VPK) Chapter 5. But Why is Nothing Known about it? Chapter 6. The GRU and the 'Younger Brothers' Chapter 7. The GRU and the KGB Chapter 8. The Centre Chapter 9. The Procurement Organs Chapter 10. Fleet Intelligence Chapter 11. The GRU Processing Organs Chapter 12. Support Services


Chapter 1. Illegals Chapter 2. The Undercover Residency Chapter 3. Agents Chapter 4. Agent Recruiting Chapter 5. Agent Communications Chapter 6. The Practice of Agent Work Chapter 7. Operational Intelligence Chapter 8. Tactical Reconnaissance Chapter 9. The Training and Privileges of Personnel Conclusion For GRU Officers Only

Appendix A: Leaders of Soviet Military Intelligence Appendix B: The GRU High Command and Leading GRU Officers Appendix C: Some Case Histories of GRU Activities