Suvorov V. Spetsnaz. The Story Behind the Soviet SAS. — Hamish Hamilton Ltd, 1987.

* Резун Владимир Богданович.

Translated from the Russian by David Floyd Chapter 1. Spades and Men Chapter 2. Spetsnaz and the GRU Chapter 3. A History of Spetsnaz Chapter 4. The Fighting Units of Spetsnaz Chapter 5. The 'Other People' Chapter 6. Athletes Chapter 7. Selection and Training Chapter 8. The Agent Network Chapter 9. Weapons and Equipment Chapter 10. Battle Training Chapter 11. Behind Enemy Lines: Spetsnaz Tactics Chapter 12. Control and Combined Operations Chapter 13. Spetsnaz and Deception Chapter 14. Future Prospects Chapter 15. Spetsnaz's First World War Appendices